Our Story

Greg Adams and Barry Powell have been friends since childhood and always wanted to start a business together. Finally, in 2011, they combined their talents and experience to form Adams & Powell, Incorporated...

... or AdPow

Greg has a CPA with additional technology certifications and has extensive experience with finance/accounting, strategic planning and analysis, and with multiple business technology platforms. These experiences have given him a knack for implementing technology that improves efficiency.

Barry is a seasoned creative professional who has directed the production of hundreds of creative and technical projects. He is a self-taught developer and is proficient with many coding languages and the software development life cycle. His graphic art background and technical intelligence is a rare confluence that tailors itself to producing software.

AdPow enlists the selective talents of developers, designers and writers that match each project's requirements. They are all accomplished professionals in their own respect and in our opinion, among the best in Dallas.